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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does coaching last?

How long you work with Dr. Vance depends entirely on your specific needs and the personalized plan that you and Dr. Vance create to meet those needs. Some clients see tremendous benefit in just one individual session. Many clients choose our 21-day group challenge options, which provide high value content in a short time at an entry level price. Others want individual coaching on a longer timeframe with more depth. And many "graduates" decide to come back for additional coaching sessions, tailored to their specific needs. Whatever you needs are, be assured that Dr. Vance will tailor a plan to help you reach the next level!

Never hired a coach? What you can expect.

Coaching is a collaborative process. The first step is a free consultation call to discuss your needs. Dr. Vance will also provide a 15-minute turbo coaching session.  Then, if you decide Breakforth's coaching is a good match for your needs, you and Dr. Vance will craft a plan specific to those needs, including measurable goals and a timeline, if appropriate.  You will be given access to all of Breakforth's resources, including private online groups, electronic access to materials, and regular coaching sessions with Dr. Vance. 

How will I know when I am done with coaching?

On one hand, many clients have specific goals in mind when they sign up for coaching and once those goals are met, they stop using a coach. On the other hand, most people can benefit from an on-going coaching relationship with no predetermined end date. Those who find coaching helpful often choose to use Dr. Vance's service on a "concierge" basis, with special access to Dr. Vance when requested. Be assured that whatever your level of need is, Breakforth has a coaching solution that is right for you.